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Welcome to the Law Offices of Pasadena Social Security (SSDI) Lawyer David A. Beck. Devoted solely to the practice of Workers Compensation and SSDI Law, Attorney David Beck has been a zealous advocate for the rights of the injured and permanently disabled for the entirety of his 36-year career.

If you are permanently disabled either mentally or physically and want information about obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits, contact Pasadena SSDI Attorney David Beck at (626) 796-8910 to make an appointment for a free in-office consultation. If you have already filed an SSDI Claim but it has been denied, you are not alone. Statistics have shown that approximately 75% of all SSDI Claims are denied at first. Mr. Beck may be able to help you through the SSDI Appeals Process.

Mr. Beck will meet with you to thoroughly review the nature of your disability, educate you regarding qualifying factors for SSDI eligibility, and provide enough information to allow you to make an educated decision about how you would like to proceed with your case.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSDI)

To qualify for SSDI Benefits, a claimant must be able to provide documentation verifying that they are permanently disabled, either mentally or physically. The nature of the disability must be such that they are unable to work in their chosen field or in any other area due to the severity and nature of their disability, and that their condition is either terminal or expected to last for at least one year.

The diagnosis of specific health conditions will generally qualify an SSDI Claimant to receive Disability Benefits much more quickly than others. A partial list of qualifying conditions or illnesses includes:




Cerebral Palsy

Chronic Cardiac Disease

Chronic Lung Disease

Congestive Heart Failure

Coronary Artery Disease



Multiple Sclerosis

Neurological Disorders


Parkinson’s Disease

Pulmonary Disorders


Severe Mental Disorders

Uncontrollable Seizures

Although the Social Security Administration lists these diseases as those which will automatically qualify an individual for SSDI Benefits, you may still have your claim denied. In these situations, you need a tenacious lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the SSDI Process, and is willing to fight for you!

If you have been diagnosed with any permanent illness or impairment, call (626) 796-8910 today to speak to an experienced SSDI Lawyer.

Social Security Disability Benefits in Pasadena California

A wide variety of disability benefits are available to qualifying individuals as well as certain family members, including:

SSDI – Monetary benefits for permanently disabled parties who have paid into the Social Security System throughout the course of their working life.

Social Security Auxiliary Benefits for Dependent Children – Monetary benefits for the dependent children of SSDI recipients. To qualify for these benefits, the child must be an unmarried dependent of the recipient who is under 18 years of age or enrolled in school full-time.

Social Security Auxiliary Benefits for Spouses – Monetary benefits for the spouses of SSDI recipients. These benefits are available to spouses who are less than 62 years old and are acting as joint caregivers of your children. Should you and your spouse divorce, they may still be eligible to receive Auxiliary Benefits if you were married for a minimum of 10 years.

Social Security Surviving Spouse Benefits – Monetary benefits for qualifying surviving spouses of deceased SSDI recipients. Contact Attorney David Beck to find out if you meet the SSA’s requirements for Surviving Spouse Benefits.

Whether you are seeking SSDI Benefits for yourself or are a qualifying family member who needs information about obtaining Auxiliary Benefits, the Law Offices of David A. Beck can answer all of your Social Security Disability questions.

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